January 25, 2020

Pagani Australia gave us a call and told us the car was being transported to Melbourne for its pre delivery checks and they wanted to ensure the car was well presented for its new owner after coming out of Hong Kong.

We commenced a single stage paint correction on the incredibly gorgeous naked/blue carbon fibre finish.

We topped the car with a custom graphene wax from our friends at detail central to give it the most incredible gloss and protection.

The Pagani huayra is a true work of art, we could have spent days just polishing and detailing the underside of the carbon fibre panels. It’s hard to believe the engine bay is a functioning engineering masterpiece and not just an art display. The interior cockpit is representative of the exterior, the fit and finish is something we have never seen before.

We can’t wait to see an influx of incredibly rare hypercars to Australia in coming years due to the laws on driving said cars changing and opening the opportunity to see some serious metal, or carbon…

We were really taken back by how special it really was, and how nonchalant he was about it!

Greg found the car stuffed away under a pile of rubbish in a South African garage where he grew up. He rescued the car and brought it to Aus when he moved here. It was a real delight to spend some time with the car, and its now on display at the @porschecentremelbourne classics area.