August 19, 2020

The worst car we ever have come across paintwork wise was this Porsche 997 Carrera. Solid black Porsche paint is known for being super sticky and a nightmare to deal with during paint correction. Wiping it with the wrong cloth can cause scratches.  The 3 days I scheduled for the car were set to be 40 degree days, my first mistake !

As usual I love to take a challenge and we set to work on getting this thing looking brand new.  The car took 5-6-7 passes per panel to remove all the defects and reveal that gorgeous black paint.  Another kicker was when someone decided to drop one of our really really expensive bottles of ceramic coating and coat the factory floor with it…  Amongst a plethora of other issues we called it quits and requested that we get the car back on a cooler day in a better environment.

We kicked its ass that day and got it looking brand spanking!