September 9, 2020
We’re super lucky and proud to service a local collection that houses Australia’s only McLaren F1. These cars have become one of the most sought after cars of all time, reaching prices over $25m at auction.
In 2018 the car attended the Sydney Harbour Concours, upon its return to Melbourne we had our monthly cleaning of this collection booked in the same morning.
The owner of the car took it to a local car wash ( due to no washing spots at the premises its held ) and I figured we could go and check it out while it was out and about, different to seeing it tucked away indoors.

“just a surreal experience to be driven around in a McLaren F1”

We got there and checked it out and figured it was getting trailered back to its residence, surely enough the owner hopped into the centre seat and figured it was time for a drive! Usually I would NEVER ever ask to step into anyones car, some people don’t like passengers and that’s understandable. Maybe the passenger seats had never been sat in…who knows. I took the opportunity and asked if I could ride shotgun back to the garage and from that, lead to an opportunity not many people can say they’ve had.
No high speed pulls or anything, just a surreal experience to be driven around in a McLaren F1. The attention it gets is incredible, everyones eye is drawn to the car, especially at 7:30AM around Melbourne.