September 15, 2020

In April last year we took the opportunity to do some underbody and suspension cleaning to a customers Bugatti Veyron while it was in for a routine service.

Because of the low population of Veyrons/Chirons in Australia, Bugatti flies a technician out from Singapore ( shoutout to @r_suddes ) to maintain the local cars once a year. Seeing how the service takes place is pretty impressive, most of the cars body panels are removed to access all the important bits, even the quarter panels come off!

We spent many hours cleaning suspension and polishing underbody carbon fibre. Once it was finished it was time for a test drive and the tech kindly asked If I could navigate him around Richmond…

“the noise of the Turbo’s spooling up is like nothing I’ve experienced before”

The interior is quite a simple space to be in, not an array of buttons and screens like todays exotics, pretty simple and elegant. We took a ride around to get the temps up and test everything out, the noise of the Turbo’s spooling up is like nothing I’ve experienced before, its like a plane taking off. The pick up of speed is something similar to a plane taking off as well. Sure they don’t sound the best, but the overall engineering and pure road presence is unrivalled. The attention you get in a car like this is pretty wild as well, everyone men, women, children and elderly can admire the presence this thing has.

I’d love to experience one of these at full noise, the speed would be truly incredible.