Mobile Car Washing

We designed these packages ensuring we can take on the hassle of maintaining your cars to the high standard they deserve, while making life easier for yourself!

You’ll also be privy to a list of exclusive offers and discounts across our other detailing services and products!

THE WASH – Involves a full exterior 2 bucket safe wash inc glass, wheels and tyre shine. We also vac and wipe your interior and clean all door jambs. We aim to give you back your car cleaner than ever.

If a car has been ceramic coated, we will also ensure this is maintained with top up sprays and sealants. We want to maintain your car so it stays like new for the life of ownership. You’ll notice after 2-3 washes the car really starts to maintain cleanliness.

We have four mobile car wash packages to choose from

  • Bronze Level
  • Silver Level
  • Gold Level
  • Collectors Package


Bronze level – 1 car wash credit per month

Silver – 2 car wash credits per month

Gold – 4 car wash credits per month

Any unused washes every month will be credited to your account to be used at any time.

If you have more remaining at the end we will refund these to you.

Collectors package – This is a custom package designed for collectors that need a personal programme tailored to them. POA

These packages can be manipulated to suit you, for example:

You could use the silver package to get 1 car washed twice per month, or 2 cars once per month.

Gold could be used to have 4 cars washed once per month or 1 car washed 4 times per month etc.

Payment –

Our first month will be a trial to get you familiar with us and our service, we ensure you’ve selected the right amount of washes going forward as well.

From this point, a direct debit will be set up to take payment AFTER the months washes.

You are never locked into anything, and are always able to stop the service if need be.

We can’t wait to give your cars the attention they deserve!

Our sign on bonus!

Your friends and family are going to be pretty envious of your constantly clean car once you sign onto our programme, to help keep their jealousy at bay we are offering a free wash for either yourself, or the person you recommend! All they have to do is mention that you recommended us and the free wash is yours/there’s when they sign on!

The special offers – subscribers only!

  • Half price interior detail with every birthday package, only $50!
  • 10% discount on our online store
  • Any new car you book in for a ceramic coating, gets a free interior protection package
  • Half price mini detail at the 12 month mark !
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