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Mercedes Car washing & Detailing Melbourne

Auto Attention prides itself on reflecting the quality of your cars in their general appearance. We have performed car washing, paint correction, ceramic coating and all things detailing on many Mercedes over the years.

Mercedes are a leader in the luxury daily driver market and we strongly believe in our luxury ceramic coatings to protect our Mercedes cars.


The Mercedes CLK-GTR roadster, the ONLY one in black that is in existence and is in fact a prototype car.

We were given the task of a rectifying the paintwork and a general tidy up for the car while it’s in the hands of Dutton’s Garage. The car sports a “whopping” 100km on the odometer, so there’s not much in the way of dirt floating around!

The paintwork was lightly swirled and dulled off, a full paint correction using Angel Wax compounds and our own custom spray wax gave this car the gloss it deserves.

Trusted with the best, by the best…

Mercedes CLK-GTR 3
Mercedes CLK-GTR 1
Mercedes CLK-GTR 2

We also have a strong representation of the Mercedes brand in our car wash programme, making sure those daily drivers are well maintained.

Pagani Zonda Kiryu detailed by Auto Attention

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