Pre-Sale Detailing

If you’re selling your car privately, its important to make the best first impression, and that starts with a clean car!

Auto Attention understands all the important aspects of pre sale detailing, that ensure anyone who inspects the can be confident it has been looked after.

Here is our pre sale detailing package


For this we complete a single stage paint correction to remove roughly 60-70% of swirl marks and any water spotting/oxidisation.

We also attend to all other exterior aspects, rejuvenating

  • wheels and inner guards
  • Plastics/rubbers/grills
  • Glass
  • Badges cleaned out
  • Door jambs cleaned

Topped with a selection of waxes to make that paint pop

Optional extras

Interior package – This involves

  • a thorough blow out and vacuum of interior + those pesky gaps and crevaces cleaned
  • Chemical wipe down of all areas to remove stains and discolouring
  • Steam clean fabrics
  • Leather clean and hydration to remove dirt and oil
  • Glass cleaned

Angelwax 2 Year Ceramic Coating
Option 1

Our strong, resilient and long lasting ceramic coating for daily driver cars that lasts for 2 years

Angelwax 4 Year Ceramic Coating
Option 2

Our strong, resilient and longest lasting ceramic coating for daily driver cars that lasts for 4 years

Kamikaze Ceramic Coating
Option 3

Our high end, extremely high gloss boutique coating which is great for show cars, and those weekenders you want looking their absolute best!

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