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Porsche Car washing & detailing Melbourne

We have seen the massive up-rise of Porsche over recent years especially in their RS department. Porsche has created some incredible machines and delivered what their market wanted.

993 Turbo S

When your customer asks you to come for a drive out to country Victoria to pick up his Porsche 993 Turbo S, you keep cool and say yes sir.. An evening drive back into Melbourne behind the wheel of the burbling Turbo S was something we will never forget, nearly as thrilling as the drive back through the hills on a sunny Saturday afternoon to drop it back after we completed a full concours detail.

Mike had kindly purchased our package at the Charity Drive Days auction during their Phillip Island event, and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it !

After we were done, Maxwell Wang performed a full PPF wrap on the car to protect the paint from stone chips, we coated this in Kamikaze PPF coating for extra gloss and ease of maintenance!

Carrera GT

This car has been a bucket list item on our list for years. We were thrilled when our customer told us he had acquired this black over terra cotta example. We completed a full paint correction + Kamikaze Zipang ceramic coating to keep that sensitive solid black paint looking new for years to come.

It is always eye opening to spend a few days up close and personal with a car like this, you always notice things that you hadn’t ever picked before on the car. The stand out for us was the carbon fiber pieces located in the front bar, and the massive area underneath the rear wing.

We look forward to maintaining this car once it resides in its collection.

Porsche Carrera GT 1
Porsche Carrera GT 2
Porsche Carrera GT 3


We have had our hands on a plethora of classic and modern Porsche’s, some heavy hitting names such as the 993 GT2, GT2RS and 959. Sometimes we discover stories behind a car that make them really special, that’s the best part of our job.

Having done a car previously for Greg at Bailey Special Projects, we were delighted to have him book in his early 911S. A gorgeous car upon first inspection, restored by the man himself maintaining mostly original parts. At this point Greg told us it was actually the first ever Porsche 911S ever made, and was prototype #3, the only one left in existence.

We were really taken back by how special it really was, and how nonchalant he was about it!

Greg found the car stuffed away under a pile of rubbish in a South African garage where he grew up. He rescued the car and brought it to Australia when he moved here. It was a real delight to spend some time with the car, and its now on display at the Porsche Melbourne classics area.

We also have a strong representation of the Porsche brand in our car wash programme, making sure those daily drivers are well maintained, as well as the weekend RS badge cars are always ready for a drive!

Pagani Zonda Kiryu detailed by Auto Attention

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