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Ferrari Car washing & Detailing Melbourne

Auto Attention has had the pleasure of working on over 100 Ferrari’s in recent years, we have built extensive knowledge into the Ferrari brand while servicing the Melbourne Ferrari dealership Zagames, and workshops specializing in the Ferrari brand.


The Ferrari F40 is pretty much everyone’s poster car, even non car enthusiasts know what an F40 is. At Auto Attention we have been lucky enough to get our hands on 4 F40’s over the years, and its just as fantastic every time we do. This video is from the first F40 we ever did. It has been well used in its early years but presents really well, after us of course. We presented this car at the 2018 Ferrari club concours to display only where it got compliments from the judges on its appearance.

F40’s are known for having very thin paint, so high gloss is always the main aim. We topped this one off with our special Angelwax “rosso” wax commissioned for Auto Attention by Detail central.

Ferrari F40
Ferrari F40 Badge


Our first encounter with this F50 was certainly a surprise. We went out to a gentleman’s house to quote his “American cars and F12’. Upon arriving, we were greeted with a car we didn’t know was in Melbourne at the time. This is a different car to the Giallo F50 that resided in Melbourne in the early 000’s. We were commissioned to bring the car back to as brand new as possible, we spent many days rectifying the paintwork, finely detailing the engine bay and interior. The car was presented at the 2018 Ferrari club concours where it scored a gold award (points marked down for Tubi exhaust). We continue to look after this car monthly and its still just as jaw dropping as the first time we saw it !



This was one of the most anticipated cars of 2020 for us! We have been wanting to get our hands on a Ferrari Enzo since starting AA in 2016. Thanks to Dutton garage for trusting us with this Enzo, sporting very few kms it was a real pleasure to clean it up. We spent 2 days mostly polishing the paintwork. A time consuming aspect due to the complex design of the Enzo.

The engine bay is a true work of art and we spent as much time cleaning it as we did admiring it!

Funnily enough, a week later we had our hands on a second Enzo too…

Ferrari Enzo 3
Ferrari Enzo 2
Ferrari Enzo 1


This is a personal favorite of ours, specifically a 430 Scuderia hard top but we wouldn’t complain with either… This car came to us for a full paint correction and Kamikaze collection ceramic coating to lock in that stunning Rosso Corsa paintwork for the life of the car. These cars have sky rocketed in value in the last decade, having once been as low as $250,000 they are now advertised for nearly $1,000,000!

The car was built to celebrate the 16 constructor titles Ferrari had achieved at that point, we think this will remain one of the most special open top Ferrari V8’s ever made.


Ferrari Daytona Detailing in Melbourne

One of our latest jobs of the year was this incredible Ferrari Daytona Competizione. The car has been a variety of colours over the years and the owner has decided to paint the car Bianco Ivorio.

We were tasked by the panel shop who resprayed the car to remove all sanding marks and polish the paintwork to a high gloss finish, as well as all general detailing to present the car in incredible condition.

We topped it off with a high gloss wax to give it some protection and max shine! We worked alongside City Auto Group to assist them in finishing this off.

We offer a vast range of detailing services for the Ferrari brand including, paint correction, ceramic coating, interior detailing, engine bay detailing and preparing cars for the Ferrari concours.

Its important to correct, protect and maintain your prized possession!

Pagani Zonda Kiryu detailed by Auto Attention

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